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This is about the Kausler "breadcrumb" on earth.

Lorenzreuth - Marktredwitz - Cham / OPf., Böblingen, Ratingen + Mettmann, Loveland + Ft. Collins, Amsterdam + Amstelveen, and shiny Holzgerlingen + Stuttgart

Wertheim - Waldshut-Tiengen - "Rauher Kapf" ;-)

+ Freiburg


Born on The Wild Side

Lorenzreuth is the velvet "Upperground" of Oberfranken. Obviously, but, I grew upin the local "underground" - being one of the "Kellerkinder".


Confused by "upper" and "under", the dominant part of our current dynasty lives "Schwabian" - "solid bürgerlich", "Im Ländle" and excels in "Wir können Alles..." but ;-)

Three States of Water

If Ice and Fluidity can be seen as first two states of water, I've been "iced" til 1964, now in "fluid state" and waiting for the 3rd-stage. Evaporation date unknown yet.


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